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Performance Insights

Performance Management is about efficiency of spend for a specific process. Effectiveness is highest when the spend produces the desired outcome. Data driven techniques enable efficiency and effectiveness in changing market conditions to deliver growth.

Managing growth requires businesses to manage day to day effective decisions on:

  • Products and Pricing
  • Channel Efficiencies
  • Managing Customer Lifecycle Value
  • Managing Technology Infrastructure to run the business

Nextqore Real Time Data Science platform can play a pivotal role in providing insights on increasing efficiency and effectiveness. By analysing data from various sources in real time, the platform can generate actionable insights that can help businesses make better decisions and manage growth drivers better.

Application of Data Science can make the Business Process more Data driven:

  1. Identify Data parameters that indicate efficiency
    • Collect Data
    • Build Context
    • Build Logic for real time insights
    • Build ML models
  1. Accelerate Performance Management
    • Determine Actionable Insights
    • Determine Frequency and Recipients
  1. Decision making with quantifiable, data-driven evidence
    • Make it quantifiable
    • Eliminates Bias
    • Generates explicit contextual data set to put the company on to a AI enabled path

Nextqore Performance Insights module differentiates to traditional BI tools :

Allows the businesses to choose a data set that is high on impact
Uses SaaS model to work with the business to make the technology work for the business
Customized to make it work for the business – producing real time Insights across Workgroups and Organization

The solution delivers the required Business Improvement outcome – By converting Insights to results

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