Real time Data Science SaaS applied to Telecommunication Towers

Nextqore Digital Tower Solution uses the Digital Twin to Digitize Operations. The solution integrates with Digital Twin output, allows the Tower Operator to:

  1. Use Digital Twin to extract Data and complete the process to evaluate Shareability and Safety of the Tower.
  2. Digitize the Maintenance process determining any missing membranes, Corrosion and other defects that require immediate attention.
  3. Revenue Assurance using Digital Tagging – Digital Tagging reconciles equipment on Tower for accurate billing using counts, height, Weight & Wind-load.

The Tower Operator to extend Digital access to MNOs to complete Roll out Planning, First Time Right Implementation and use Visual Learning for AI based Service Assurance.

Nextqore Sensor Integration module as an extended Digital Twin enables Equipment Predictive Maintenance & Energy Management at Tower location.

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Digital Tower Solution

Digital Twin of a Roof Top Tower with precision measurements created from drone image capture & hosted on Nextqore platform.

1. Digitizing the Physical Tower

The Digital Twin function uses image processing and visualization technology to produce a highly accurate 3D digital twins of a telecom towers; the 3D models can be used for digital inspections, as well as to generate AI-powered analysis for lifecycle operations.

Nextqore has defined a clear interface model to obtain data from the Digital Twin to use for operations. Such an architecture allows integration with already existing Digital Twins that export the same parameters for Operational integration.

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2. Digital Data of the Tower

The Analytics function allows for accurate and detailed reports and insights to know the key Tower attributes and Operating Metrics.

Consistent data from the Twin can be used across various workgroups within the organisation to accelerate Operational performance and Organizational decision making.

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Digitization of Tower Operations to enable efective decision making with accurate information. Single Source of Truth for all Telecom departments.
5G Upgrades now enabled with Digital Tower solution. Ready Tower inventory with equipment condition, Make & Model for ease of M&A.

3. As Built Inventory of Digital Tower

All key components of the tower are captured with Make & Model details. Such inventory is also dimensioned using the as built images to know utilization of the Tower.

Visual representation of the assets and their condition, for a Tower or Mobile Operator, helps in day to day operations management, planning for upgrades and replacements using Digital Twin.

As built inventory and headroom available on a Multi tenancy Tower provides inputs for Sales and Business development for opportunity management on the Tower portfolio that can be immediately delivered.

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4. Defect Identification

Use the Defect identification framework to identify Towers with specific type of defects and severity.

Defect representation is linked with image referencing to visually inspect, plan and implement corrective maintenance actions.

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Customisable Defect ratings for Alarms & Alerts basis the weather and terrain. Visualise defect condition with the click of a button.
Make your own query basis your organisations need. Customisable reports provide varied insights to different telecom functions.

5. Consistent Database Across functions

Nextqore maintains a consistent enriched database. The Database is structured for use by different workgroups that use Tower Data for various operations in real time.

Digital data across the organisation is made available in customized dashboards. Users are allowed to run On Demand reports across the tower portfolio for accurate Operational planning and Organizational decision making that involves various dimensions of the Tower Portfolio.

Nextqore implements a database that stores changes to the tower structure that have occurred in various points of time. Change in Tenancy, Changes to site conditions due to corrective measures can be integrated to the Twin post incremental re-capture.

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Nextqore platform allows seamless Integration with existing IT systems
to extend the data to various functional areas using a TMN model.

Digitize your physical assets, or plan your Digital journey, Nextqore
Digital Tower can help in streamlining the Tower business through Digitization.

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