Nextqore is a SaaS offer built on top of Global Cloud IoT Service platforms. It provides unparalleled solutions in building and integrating all digital events to a robust, scalable and secure service.

Our Partner Program is designed for IoT hardware integration of Things with Nextqore SaaS in the Field and IoT System Integration Capabilities across industry verticals to provide a holistic project management solution to Nextqore customers.

The Objective of the program is successful joint implementation of end customer projects and development of long-term cooperation. As part of our Partner Program, Nextqore sales team will represent the certified partners and their complementing unique capabilities in IoT related domains to their prospective customers. On similar lines, our partners will represent Nextqore SaaS solutions to their existing and prospective customers, wherever such a fitment is beneficial for the end customers.

Nextqore partner program is designed to ensure that all its customers are guaranteed of the highest possible quality solution and a world-class integrated standardized platform for their digitization needs.

We welcome partnership opportunities with:

Industry vertical IoT Specialists in
Field-to-Cloud Integration

Leading IoT players with a deep expertise any digitizing specific type of operative equipment, fleet,
space or item

Market Leading Sensor and Gateway providers in diverse Industry domains and Enterprise Use Cases

System Integrators for IoT solutions in any
specific Industry

Project Implementation teams including Network planners and designers

Project consultants with unique expertise and credible track record of IoT implementation
in any industry

Nextqore will provide periodic training and multiple skill upgrade platforms with an objective to guarantee a high level of expertise in the implementation of end customer projects using our solutions. Nextqore will also provide quick, easy access to essential tools and resources to make it easier for partners to introduce new products to their customers, gather core requirements, configure solutions, generate persuasive proposals, and much more.

We are committed to delivering a Simple, Predictable & Profitable Partner Program.

If you are an IoT industry vertical, network component, or a ‘Thing’ expert (of Internet of Things), and wish to be part of Nextqore Partner Program, please write to us at

Our Partners