Comprehensive, Easy-to-use, Scalable and Secure service to Digitize Operations.

Built on top of world leading Cloud and IoT service framework

Works with Industry grade solutions to make the service robust and always on

Digital twins for your physical things

A comprehensive Design and Deploy Service that allowsa a definition of Physical things mapped to Digital Twins. The definition is flexible and allows you to choose what components you want to Digitize.

data accuracy and precision

An Intelligent State Machine that runs the Digital Twin, and ensures the Digital components are working and generating data per design. It ensures a robust data pipeline for various degrees of enrichment and reasoning to be applied on the data for actions related to the desired outcome.

ai & ml

Analytics Service that can be programmed on-the-fly to apply enrichment and reasoning and trigger actions. Whether Performance Monitoring or Quality Management, Machine Learning or AI engine Integration – you as the Customer have the choice to apply enrichment and reasoning to a level of digitization you desire.

Nextqore service is built to scale, and can work with Various service blocks such as Equipment, Fleet, Space or Objects that – You can map to Digital Components in a way that achieves the targeted outcomes from your Digitization Program.

The service includes a method to issue field orders for Digital Twins to be managed. The same service for field orders can be configured for managing the Physical Things as well.

Link to customizable dashboards for mobile and computers here


Users can be defined for read and read/write privilege from Country level to Zip Code level.

Users can be configured to design, monitor and operate Digital Twin


Each Physical Thing can be modeled at Type, Make, Model and Type an the Twins can be placed at Thing level, Component and Sub-component level.


Derived Data
Time series
Archival for future Reference


Integrates industry standard Cloud services and Infrastructure to make the service easier to Digitize Operations